Tyrimas „Individualių poreikių mokinių mokymosi motyvacija, socializacijos galimybės mokykloje“

Individualios mokymosi galimybės

Basanavičiaus g. Mokiniai suvokia save kaip asmenybes, džiaugiasi savo pasiekimais ir kantriai įveikia nesėkmes, neprarasdami tikėjimo, kad jiems pavyks. Jie priima naujus iššūkius kaip kelią į tobulėjimą, sveikai pasitiki savo jėgomis, tačiau adekvačiai ir kritiškai vertina realybę.

Also 7 social pedagogues and 5 changed learning motivation teenagers, who work or attend different types of educational institutions. Questionnaire for teenagers consists of 25 questions that were aimed to reveal reasons for attending and skipping school; factors that influence learning motivation increase or decrease; possibilities of receiving help at school together with suggestions what to change in order to strengthen teenagers learning motivation.

Also there were 19 interview questions for pedagogues prepared.

individualios mokymosi galimybės

What is more, 17 questions for changed learning motivation teenagers were formulated. These were meant to reveal reasons for facing difficulties at school, reasons for learning motivation increase and decrease, help methods, manners and forms, possibilities of individual help support.

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The most individualios mokymosi galimybės conclusions of empirical research are the following: 1. Weak learning motivation is related to lack of self-esteem.

The main factors that influence change of learning motivation are — mood, boring lessons, relations with lecturers and their teaching manner.

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Learning is unsuccessful individualios mokymosi galimybės pedagogues cannot explain theory of each class properly and teenagers themselves cannot concentrate and remain quiet through the lesson. Individual activity of the pedagogue starts from conversations. They consult individualios mokymosi galimybės and other pedagogues, together with head teachers and parents, with actual questions; perform self-knowing tests, sign temporal agreements with teenager in order to solve emerged difficulties and problems.

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Respondents suggest to improve changed learning motivation by applying new teaching methods, manners and forms by renewing teaching methods, i. According to social pedagogues, it is essential to change all education system, renew current teaching programs. It should be relevant to change old teaching methods, manners and forms and start evolving more contemporary technologies.

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It is crucial to pay attention to cooperation relationship between pedagogues and parent, in order to find the most efficient way of involving them in teenagers self -raising process. Dissertation Institution.

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