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Visuomenės sveikatos specialistai kviečia apie daržoves kalbėti, gaminti patiekalus iš daržovių  ir  taip sulaukti daržovių renesanso. Tyrimai rodo, kad daržovių lietuviai suvalgo kur kas mažiau nei reikalinga, siekiant, kad mityba būtų racionali, įvairi ir sveikatą tausojanti. Jeigu vasaros metu dar randame galimybių ir noro pasisemti naudingų medžiagų iš galimybių guru salotų, agurkų, pomidorų ar ridikėlių, tai šaltuoju metų periodu, deja, bet vietoj to, kad ieškotume galimybių ir idėjų, kaip savo sveikatos labui suvartoti kuo daugiau Lietuvoje augintų šakniavaisių, tokių kaip morkos, burokėliai, salierai, ropės ar juodieji ridikai, renkamės lengvesnį kelią - konservuotas daržoves, importuotas arba jokių. Ką reikia padaryti?

If you want to move air with the ultimate in power and precision, the 8 is your answer. Enhancing the quality of any source galimybių guru putting in a performance that will eke out even the subtlest sounds of the recording.

  • The two woofers work together to move much more air, delivering more powerful bass and pumping out audio excellence that fills the room.
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Also featuring the same gold-plated bi-wiring terminals as galimybių guru rest of the range, the OPTICON 8  loudspeaker  is a riot of deep bass and mid- and high-range perfection.

SMC has many advantages, and used in a speakers magnet motor system it result in a significant reduction of distortion from mechanical loss.

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The result is a significant lowering of the colouration of the reproduced sound. It is a combination of a dome tweeter working together with a ribbon tweeter for an amazing rendering of the high frequencies, and a dispersion of high frequency sounds that outperform all other tweeter technologies.

In our view, the Hybrid Tweeter Module is the perfect high frequency solution. Both the soft dome and the ribbon tweeter are free of artefacts, e. The Hybrid Tweeter Module features an extremely smooth galimybių guru wide horizontal dispersion — galimybių guru of our sound design trademarks.

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Even the detailing of the faceplate of the tweeter module is designed for optimal horizontal dispersion. The characteristics of the Soft Dome Tweeter is low resonance frequency, high power handling, and exceptional headroom for high sound pressure levels and extreme excursions.

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It is rolled in carefully around 2. And the dome is allowed to operate up to its high frequency limit well beyond 20 kHz without being galimybių guru off in the crossover. Incorporating an ultra-thin magnetic fluid for cooling, the fluid has a very high flux saturation point galimybių guru greater galimybių guru handling.


This also means superb control of coil movement — even at very high galimybių guru pressure levels. The ribbon tweeter features a broad frequency band and superb dispersion in the higher frequencies. Gently rolled in above 10 kHz, the ribbon reaches full contribution from 14 kHz to well beyond 30 kHz, far above the audible range.

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Equipped with a rear chamber fitted with rigid bracing, the ribbon is shielded from the disruptive influence of the woofers. The ideal speaker plays just what the amplifier intented, with nothing added and nothing subtracted.

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The cone is made from a pulp mix of paper and wood fibre that ensures very low surface resonance and gives the cones galimybių guru distinctive colour. The cone terminates in a rubber surround that is chosen for its soft and very flexible properties. This gives the cone free movement with very low dampening effect, and leaves control of the cone movement to the WOOFER galimybių guru motor.

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The rubber surround is attached galimybių guru an aluminium chassis that, due to the properties of aluminium, offers almost no interference to the magnetic field surrounding the magnet motor. The magnet motor itself consists of a large ferrite magnet that surrounds a pole piece made entirely of the unique material SMC. The pole piece and the ferrite magnet are secured between two soft iron plates.

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This forms a close to optimum environment for the 2 layer voice coil to work within. The voice coil is therefore able to transform the signals from the amplifier in to an undistorted, uncoloured and very well timed reproduction of the original signal, leaving the listener with a close to live experience. The mounting of the drivers galimybių guru the final tests and approvals on each and every speaker is also handled directly at our own assembly lines in our Danish factory.


To ensure the best possible hold on the galimybių guru and thereby integration with the cabinet, the 5 screw holes are placed along the arms of the woofer chassis.

The tweeter module is held securely in place with 6 screws to eliminate vibrations and resonance.

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The baffle sports a black or white high-gloss finish, for a more exclusive look and feel. The slim-line design of the front baffle contributes to the stereo perspective.

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