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24 variantų mokymai


    24 variantų mokymai

    Kurso aprašymas About this course Get hands-on instruction and practice installing and configuring Windows Serverincluding Windows Server R2, in this five-day Microsoft Official Course.

    This course is part one in a series of three courses that provides the skills and knowledge 24 variantų mokymai to implement a core Windows Server infrastructure in an existing enterprise environment.

    The three courses collectively cover implementing, managing, maintaining and provisioning services and infrastructure in a Windows Server environment.

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    Labs in this course are based on Windows Server R2 and Windows 8. Audience profile This course is intended for information technology IT professionals who have some knowledge and experience working with Windows operating systems and who want to acquire the skills and knowledge necessary to install and perform the initial configuration of a Windows Server or Windows Server R2 server in an existing Windows server environment.

    Typically, candidates who are interested in attending this course include: Windows Server administrators 24 variantų mokymai are relatively new to Windows Server 24 variantų mokymai and related technologies who are looking to learn more about Windows Server and Windows Server R2.

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    IT professionals who are experienced in other non-Microsoft technologies, who meet the course prerequisites and are looking to cross-train on Windows Server and Windows Server R2. These 24 variantų mokymai a prerequisite for their individual specialties. At course completion After completing this course, students will be able to: Install and configure Windows Server Describe AD 24 variantų mokymai.